Sips N Tips Calls 2018 Prelude Estate Rosé “Perfectly Balanced for Meal Pairings”

Wine writer Caitlin Hodges, who writes the Sips N Tips blog, is passionate about travel, cooking and fine wine. She included a tasting stop at Bells Up during her last trip to the Willamette Valley, and posted a subsequent round-up of that visit on her site: “Willamette Valley Cool Climate Pinot Noir.”

In that article, she noted that our 2016 Titan Pinot Noir was, “Balanced with both spice and berry flavors, this wine showcases what some perfect Oregon weather can do for the vines.”

More recently, she posted a review of our 2018 Prelude Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir on her Instagram feed, including the featured photo above that she snapped while overlooking our vineyard view from the wineporch.

Here’s what she had to say about the 2018 Prelude:

The Land of Pinot Noir makes some pretty darn good Rosés, too. The color of this Prelude Rosé from Bells Up Winery was stunning, and it’s flavor was just as intense as it’s hue…acid-driven, filled with bright, fresh berry flavors and finished with a hint of spice, this dry Rosé is perfectly balanced for meal pairings or a glass on its own. I can guarantee it’s just about the prettiest Rosé you’ll ever see, and one of the most pleasing to drink! …Check out Bells Up Winery to purchase a couple (very affordable) bottles of Rosé for yourself!

She also posted a cute picture of us!

Dave and Sara Specter of Bells Up Winery. Photo courtesy of Sips N Tips.

Want to grab some bottles of 2018 Prelude before they’re gone? Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll set some aside for you.

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