Pair 2018 Titan with BBQ Like Crushed Grape Chronicles

We didn’t think it could get any better than the pairings that wine writers, reviewers and media producers Robin and Michael Renken of Crushed Grape Chronicles came up with for our 2020 Rhapsody Pinot Blanc and 2020 Prelude Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir. But they’ve topped it with an inspired pairing: our flagship 2018 Titan Willamette Valley Pinot Noir with barbecue!

The husband-and-wife duo document stories from wine regions around the world, as well as the wineries and their people. They also create unique pairings to complement the wines, sometimes based on simple but elegant homemade recipes, and sometimes with carryout. (We’ve all been there; no judgement!)

No shame in their carryout game. Robin & Michael Renken paired 2018 Titan with Famous Dave’s BBQ! (All photos courtesy of Crushed Grape Chronicles)

In their post, “BBQ and a Titan from Bells Up,” the Renkens called an audible on the kitchen after a busy day and grabbed carryout from Famous Dave’s BBQ. (We LOVE that they chose Famous DAVE’s.) On the menu? St. Louis-Style Spareribs, BBQ Chicken, Texas Beef Brisket, Georgia Chopped Pork, Burnt ends (Robin’s favorite and ours too!), Sweetwater Catfish, Garlic Red-skinned Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Coleslaw, Firecracker Green Beans and Corn Bread Muffins. (Guessing they had leftovers for a month after that haul!)

About 2018 Titan they write:

Titan refers to Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D Major(all of their wines are named for Musical pieces)

This piece was considered unusually grand and ambitious for the time, by a young composer.  Perhaps this mimics this wine, Dave coming into the Willamette Valley where Pinot Noir is revered and jumping in with both feet in a bold way when he was so new to the industry…

The 2018 growing season was consistently warm and dry with cool nights, which adds to the structure and balance of this wine.

While this bottle was delicious, it will continue to get more delicious as it ages in the bottle.  Get more than one bottle and taste it on its journey.  It will be maturing for the next 7 or so years…

The 2018 Titan Pinot Noir from Bells Up had notes of red cherry, raspberry, cooked fruit, cola, nutmeg, forest floor, & tobacco on the nose.  In my mouth it was more like cranberry, red cherry and candied fruit with a bit of baking spice.

Michael mentioned getting a bit of cherry Jolly Rancher, and the wine did have a juiciness about it.

It blended beautifully with the fruit and spice notes in the BBQ.

Of course, as you know from the previous Crushed Grape Chronicles post, the Renkens filmed another drool-worthy food and wine video. Because they obviously want to torture us all.

Seeing this reminded me that several years ago we made a Pinot Noir barbecue sauce inspired by Mary Cressler’s original Vindulge recipe. The fuller bodied profile of 2018 Titan would be equally amazing in this sauce as it is in the Urban Bliss Life brownies… Just saying. (Double bonus points if you make them both.)

BBQ, salmon, pork, whatever you’re eating, we’ve got 2018 Titan still in stock. It’s currently showcased in our Maestro Class tasting flight and available for purchase. Contact us by phone at 503.537.1328 or email today and we’ll gladly set some bottles aside for you.

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