Weinnotes’ AJ Weinzettel Interviews Dave and Sara at Bells Up for Podcast Video

A.J. Weinzettel, wine writer and producer of the Weinnotes Video Podcast.

Local wine writer, A.J. Weinzettel, produces the Weinnotes website and video podcast series. He paid us a visit a couple of years ago, and asked if we’d be interested in participating in one of his podcast recordings. Of course we said yes!

He writes, in his intro to the recording:

The podcast for this week is all about Dave and Sara at Bells Up Winery! I visited early last year, tasted through their wines, had a killer lunch, and had an out-of-this-world time! Unfortunately, that visit didn’t allow much time to get more of their backstory.

I wanted to know so much more, like why did Dave go from being a lawyer to a winemaker? Why make a Seyval Blanc or a Cab? My question about Better Call Saul during the interview might have brought back some unpleasant memories, but we got back on track.

I reached out in March or April to schedule the interview, but schedules wouldn’t cooperate, along with the weather. Circling back in June, all of the stars aligned, and we had a stellar time overlooking the vineyard with out-of-this-world weather. We were all happy about the sun that day because all three of us were cutting up and laughing right off the bat.

When asked the question, “Why did I want to interview Dave and Sara for the podcast” it is twofold. First, I was curious how a lawyer turned winemaker. Second, I also wanted to know more about Seyval Blanc and so many other topics, but most importantly, I want you to see or hear (depending if you watch via YouTube or listen to the audio) how down-to-earth this duo from Bells Up are. What they are doing is unique in terms of making Pinot, Rose, Seyval Blanc, Syrah, Pinot Blanc, and a Cab, and they also host one group at a time for their tastings with Dave giving you a tasting experience you will not forget!

If you haven’t been to Bells Up, visit the website to make a reservation, and don’t forget to tell them, “A.J. sent me!”

During the session, we chatted about our story, as well as about 2022 being our first 100% estate Pinot Noir harvest, how we acquired the property, our newest plantings, and our focus on building relationships with our guests. Enjoy the video!

By the way, if you’re wondering about the engagement mentioned at the 36:46 time marker, Congratulations to Chelsey Nelson (aka Wino On A Budget), who got engaged to her Australian sweetie, Aiden. As OUR luck would have it, she’d grabbed a bottle of Titan to take on a picnic, not knowing what was coming. We were thrilled to be included in such an incredibly special moment for one of our favorite people.

As always, we hope every guest enjoys their time here as much as A.J. did. We hope to see him (and you) again soon! Contact us at 503.537.1328 to book your private wine tasting experience, hosted by Winemaker Dave exclusively for one group at time.

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