Putting Bluebell (and Dave) to work…

Lest anyone think that Bluebell is not a working truck, Dave put her through her paces last week. The weather finally cleared up enough for him to drive down next to our tree line on the West side of the property without getting stuck (yes, even with 4 wheel drive, wet Jory clay soil is a powerful adhesive) and pick up the two dozen tires left behind from phase one of the clearing process that started in February.

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We were thrilled to discover that our Newberg Les Schwab Tires location would take these nasty tires off our hands and recycle them (for $2/each).

Next steps? Felling some trees on the western side of the property that will otherwise cause afternoon shade on the vineyard we plan to plant there. We hate to take out trees, but we need to in order to grow happy grapevines! Bonus? It’ll improve our view to the west as well. Photos to come soon.

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