Did somebody say “Timber”?

Our neighbors down the mountain from us have been having some trees removed from the western border of their property in preparation for expanding their current vineyard plantings. Since they’d already done the work of hiring a crew foreman to manage the process, we really appreciated it when they shared his contact information so we could hire him to do the same for us.

At the end of April, the first part of the Tree Removal Project kicked off with Brock the Tree Faller and his crew. They came out and cut down about 35 trees in the space of four hours on a Saturday. It was impressive. Although we hated to remove trees (maple, cherry, pine, black walnut and others), they were shading the western side of our vineyard property too much for successful grape growing.

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Double bonus though: not only did removing the trees eliminate the shade problem, it also opened up our view to the west! We’ve been enjoying gorgeous sunsets even more now that we can see more of the sky in that direction.

Additionally, the tree removal foreman has a custom woodworking business, and—at our request—he selected several of the best maple logs that were removed from the property to be processed and aged at his workshop. When we’re ready to renovate the existing barn into our tasting room, he will use that wood to design and build a custom tasting bar and possibly some other furniture for the space. Cool stuff!

Next up? Log removal and burn baby, burn!

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