Big Mac(robin) Attack!

Our new Macrobins are here! These heavy duty plastic containers are used by vineyard owners and winemakers the world over and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re versatile and stackable, which is nice because they do take up a lot of floor space! At larger wineries, you’ll see these stacked as high as their forklift can reach when not in use.


The shorter, slotted bins measure about 4 x 4 feet square and are slightly more than 2 feet tall. Each one holds roughly 800 pounds of grapes. They are used for transporting just-harvested grapes to the winery and holding them until they can be processed. A forklift will dump the contents of the bin onto a conveyor belt, where the grapes will be sorted before being crushed and destemmed.

The larger, solid-sided bins are 4-foot cubes and will serve as our primary fermentation vessels. After being crushed and destemmed, the grapes will drop directly from the machine  into these bins, which can hold about 1-¾ tons.  After the grape must has fermented, the contents will be dumped by a forklift into the press.


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