Friendly neighbors…

We recently got some new neighbors in our neck of the woods, Bryan and Laura Laing. They’ve relocated their label, Hazelfern Cellars, to Newberg and are working on getting their on-site winery and vineyard setup (wait, stop me when this starts to sound familiar…).

Anyway, they recently became Founding Members of Fanfare Club, which was totally awesome and we love having them as part of the Fanfare Family. When Dave realized they had a mailing list, he signed up. But he couldn’t resist punking them when the asked for his favorite band/musician in their sign-up form (because if you know Dave, it’s going to be RUSH).

Hilarity and hijinks ensued. For those of you who don’t follow @bellsupwinery on Instagram, I thought you’d get a kick out of this #bellsupmoment


HAZELFERN CELLARS: Well, well, well… We were pretty pumped to see one of our favorite wineries and neighbors sign up for our e-mail list on yesterday! HOWEVER!!,,,, we were a little suspicious that Dave and Sara from @bellsupwinery were messing with us when they listed Nickelback as their favorite band/musician.

So… instead of passing judgment, we went out today and bought them their very own copy of Nickelback’s greatest hits album! Guys, you can look forward to receiving this album in the mail over the weekend. We sincerely hope you enjoy, “Photograph,” and “How You Remind Me,” on repeat while we are over here enjoying your wine and having our little #bellsupmoment ! 😉 xoxo, Hazelfern

Seriously though people, please make an appointment at Bells Up or seek out their wines. Dave and Sara are awesome people who are absolutely working their asses off and making great wine! We are definitely looking up to them and look forward to drinking a lot of their wine this summer!#oregonwine #orwine#willamettevalleywine #pinotnoir#roseseason #drinkpink #wineandmusic#winepairing #rosewine #winelife#xoxohazelfern


Bwahahahahah! That is awesome. And since the Bells Up winemaker insisted that the winery be wired for surround sound with a boomin’ set of speakers (critical for producing fine wines, CRITICAL, he told the CMO/MoneyHoney), we look forward to throwing open the doors and letting the dulcet tones of the musical wonder that is Nickelback waft downhill…

@bellsupwineryhahahahaha!! I agree that loud surround sound is absolutely critical!! We’ll be listening down here for your new Nickelback album!

Welcome to the ‘hood Bryan & Laura! (And former Cincinnati Neighbors, please don’t clue them in to our past history of legendary practical jokes, will ya? We don’t want to spoil the element of surprise… )


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