Meet Dave’s Newest Winemaking “Toy”

After writing about forklifts and other material handling and supply chain equipment for more than 20 years in her professional career, it’s safe to say that #moneyhoney and #gogocmo Sara was the one who made all the decisions about the newest tool in Dave’s winemaking arsenal. Meet our “new-to-us” Hyster electric forklift.

No, it’s not a lease. Why do you ask?

It arrived a couple of weeks ago, and Dave has been hugging it every day—as well as using it to move, lift and stack barrels and in winemaking processes, including racking.

By elevating a tank or barrel via forklift, we can harness the power of gravity for racking wine from one storage vessel to another without having an expensive, “gravity-feed” facility setup.

Above, racking shown in progress from tank to stainless barrel. No, we haven’t named this particular vehicle yet, but are entertaining suggestions. Drop us a name idea in the comments below.

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