Helios Seyval Blanc Featured by Understanding Wine With Austin Beeman in New Video

Austin Beeman, wine writer, podcaster, videographer and VP of Marketing for Cutting Edge Selections — the Cincinnati area’s premier distributor of Oregon wines — paid us a visit this past spring. He was particularly intrigued by the 2018 Helios Seyval Blanc, and wound up filming a segment with Dave in the vineyard to talk about it, writing, “Seyval Blanc is a hybrid variety most often growing in Ohio and and midwest, but Seyval Blanc also makes beautiful wine in Oregon.”

Austin subsequently produced and posted “The First Seyval Blanc in the Willamette Valley – Bells Up Winery“. In the video, Dave explains why we planted this varietal:

“Seyval Blanc means a lot to me. The very first grape wine I ever made was with these grapes, sourced from a little vineyard in Indiana just across the border from where we were living. And it’s also a grape that I’ve just grown to love, not just from a flavor profile, but also my very first national wine competition that I entered and won was with this particular grape.”

Interested in adding some 2018 Helios to your collection? It’s available to Fanfare Club members on a 2-bottle allocation, as we had so little of it last year (15 cases total!). Call or email us if you’d like to join the club and purchase some of the Willamette Valley’s first Seyval Blanc.

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