2018 Prelude Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir Featured by Weekday Wine Club

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We were thrilled to be invited by our friends Hannah, Brian and Ryan at Weekday Wine Club to include our 2018 Prelude Estate Rosé of Pinot Noir in their 25th allocation shipment of wines for November 2019.

Based in the Portland metro area, Weekday Wine Club’s mission is to elevate their members’ love and education of wine. In addition to offering knowledge, convenience and excellent customer service to both personal and business members, the trio also seeks out amazing wines that you won’t find (easily) on store shelves at an approachable price. Essentially, they make it fun and financially feasible to try a bottle you might not otherwise without a personal introduction.

And what a personal introduction they are. We’ve been members for several months now and the tasting notes are worth the membership alone (the wine is always fantastic too). Nobody writes tasting notes like Weekday Wine Club. For example, here’s what they said about the 2018 Prelude:

Bells Up Rosé of Pinot Noir, Prelude, Chehalem Mountains 2018

Although rosé is now made everywhere in the world, there’s a reason the most beloved are predominantly either from, or made with grape cultivars associated with, southern France. It’s the Tigris-Euphrates of rosé, and its lively, easy, never dull style justifiably wins over the most palates.

Grapes other than those grenache/syrah/cinsault/mourvèdre types can be excellent in their way, except for one, and hurts to hear it in Oregon but it’s true: Pinot noir.

From the hippest new Willamette Valley producers to the legendary Burgundy producers known for their pinot noir-based rosés, nearly every last one has failed to deliver on rosé’s essential purpose: To effortlessly refresh while being neither a distraction nor a bore.

So it only stands to reason that a relatively new winery comes along and transcends the usual limitations of rosé pinot noir on their [2018 Prelude Rosé of Pinot Noir] estate vintage, right?

The color is about what one expects, although at once a little brighter and more concentrated, but it’s the nose where it’s first clear that something is up. The deep, true, and lusty black cherry, clean blueberry, and warm hibiscus only display a touch of exotic spice and faint herbs that enhance the aromas, without any of the dark, earthy elements of pinot noir that would muddy that clarity.

All that flows naturally into a full but soft palate that, like the nose, extracts all the beauty from pinot with none of the edge or astringency. With such space to spread out, more pungent flowers and a distinctly peachy juiciness emerge to lighten it up for a long finish that’s enhanced by just enough grip. It’s the model by which other pinot noir rosés should be made, but since that seems unlikely, at least it’s available close to home.

Ideal for the Thanksgiving table, but well-seasoned salmon, roasted butternut with sage and brown butter, and the slightly less classic Samyang hot chicken instant ramen all show this singular wine at its best. Serve just cool, in nice, big glasses.

We’re almost out of the 2018 Prelude (which pairs beautifully with the in-laws during holiday visits).

It will be featured at our two Holiday Hornucopia Open House Events, starting the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 23-24) and running the three-day weekend after Thanksgiving (November 29, 30 and December 1). Stop in between noon and 4:00 p.m. to sample wines without an appointment — including this one.

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