Willamette Valley’s HosBrutality Podcast Talks Wine with Bells Up’s Dave Specter

It’s safe to say that if you’re looking to submerge yourself in testosterone, you won’t want to miss this episode of the HosBrutality Podcast, recorded at the end of August 2020 and first released in early September.

Bells Up winemaker Dave Specter sits down for a very manly conversation about sports, libations, grub, wine, and driving records with the jovial trio behind the Willamette Valley’s HosBrutality show: Stefan Czarnecki of Black Tie Tours, Wesley Jones of Tour Cascadia, and local artist Cole Rogers. The three developed the podcast to share tips on where to eat, drink and spend time in the Willamette Valley from the people that live and work here. They review wineries, restaurants, bars and breweries under the motto: “Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes brutal. Always honest.”

In Episode 5: Tony Kornheiser’s Buddy (Dave), Downtown Tasting Rooms and Cole Gets Brake-Checked, the four delve into Dave’s circuitous route to winemaking in the Willamette Valley, as well as some of his major local winemaking influences. The conversation also includes some of the brutal impacts of the pandemic, particularly on the local restaurant scene, and — in a nod to Dave’s start at an urban winery in Cincinnati — some of the group’s favorite downtown tasting rooms (and wineries) are discussed, including spots in Newberg, Carlton, Dundee, and McMinnville.

Finally, Dave recaps the events that led to his and the winery’s multiple name checks on The Tony Kornheiser Show over the past few months and shares the impact that has had on our ability to continue to make wine in 2020.

Additionally, the four sampled Helios Seyval Blanc during the recording, as well as discussed our Firebird Syrah and why we make those two wines that are far less commonly found in the area. A video clip of the portion of the podcast exploring our planting and bottling of Seyval Blanc (the first and only one grown and produced in the Willamette Valley) was shared online as well, here (or see below).

Many thanks to Stefan, Cole and Wesley for hanging out with Dave and including Bells Up on the HosBrutality podcast!


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