Winemaker Dave Specter Featured in “Honey How Was Your Day?” Podcast

Last summer Dave hosted Honi Olmedo and Kat Chen (pictured at right) and their guests separately on two different occasions for wine tastings. So, when the pair came up with the concept of launching their “Honey, How Was Your Day?” podcast, they remembered Dave and our story, and invited him to be featured in one of the episodes.

The pair were inspired to start their podcast upon the realization that one-third of your life is spent at work, on average. Kat and Honi — two women in their 20s who have worked various corporate careers — found themselves wondering, “What else is out there?”

Each week, they chat with people from all different careers and walks of life: teachers, small business owners, writers, and everyone else in between. Their goal? To learn all about others’ careers and the things that allow them to grow, smile, and have a good day.

During Episode 10: A Bottle of Wine a Day Keeps the Lawyer Away, which first aired on April 7, 2021, Kat and Honi ask Dave about what goes into creating a bottle of wine, his attorney life, our inspiration for making the transition from amateur hobby winemaking to having our own winery and label, how we’re different from most of the wineries in the Willamette Valley, and more.

As Kat comments during the recording, “I remember when we went, it was definitely the best experience we had while we were in Willamette Valley. And, candidly, …  I don’t remember any other wineries that I went to. Because the experience, the extra time you took to sit with us and talk to us about who you are and about your wine, that really made all the difference.”

Listen to the full, 40-minute recording, here.

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