Travel Awaits Calls Bells Up an “Amazing Boutique Winemaker Worth A Visit”

Travel writer MaryRose Denton recently filed an article with Travel Awaits, an online publication focused on travelers aged 50+. The publishers started the online resource in 2018 seeking to fill a void in the travel industry by focusing on more mature, active travelers who eschew the idea of simply “sitting and watching the world go by.”

Denton, who makes her home in the Pacific Northwest, is an avid traveler who has visited destinations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe. When she visited our wine region, she naturally wrote a round-up piece entitled, “4 Amazing Boutique Winemakers Worth A Visit In Willamette Valley.” As the micro-boutique winery she visited during her trip, we were tickled to have been included in the feature. She writes:

A French horn features prominently on the sign of Bells Up Winery, signaling to us we are indeed at our destination. Dave and Sara Specter, owners and winemakers, greeted us and led us inside their cozy tasting room.

The Specters moved out West from Ohio and began their winery in 2012 with 9 acres of vines. Dave, a French horn player, borrowed from the musical term “bells up” to christen his winery. The term is used in a classical music score instructing French horn players to raise their instrument bells and project music with maximum intensity. It is a dramatic moment in any musical piece, and for Dave, the winery felt like his “bells up” moment.

Hosting up to eight guests for a tasting allows for a very approachable winemaker experience. In fact, I found the Specters extremely enjoyable, putting me at ease right away.

Due to the downpour of rain, we sipped our pinot inside the winery barrel room, but when the weather is fair, a tasting outside on the deck with sweeping views of the vineyard is the perfect place to be. The south-facing hillside allows for basking in a full day’s sun in the Chehalem Mountains AVA.

Much like putting many notes together to make a song, the Specters took an old tree farm and transformed it into a working vineyard and winery, with all its moving parts.

All photos by Richard Schmitz, courtesy of Travel Awaits.

The Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are conducted by Dave, pouring each wine separately as he tells their accompanying story — from their beginnings to each deeply fruity characteristic. As in music, the wines not only tell a tale but also evoke a feeling of well-crafted art. It is no wonder Dave names his classic wines after the great symphonies. What better way to idle away an afternoon than by marrying wine and music?

Ready to enjoy your own “amazing boutique winemaker” tasting experience?

We’re accepting reservations at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. seven days a week. Contact us at 503-537-1328 to book your tasting with Dave.

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