Bells Up’s Dave Specter Featured on KOIN Wine Wednesday Morning Show

Local TV station KOIN invited Winemaker Dave to join co-hosts and anchors Emily Buriss and Travis Teich for the “Wine Wednesday” feature on the KOIN News AM Extra morning show.

Emily and Travis asked Dave about the winery name, how he matches the personality of each wine to a different piece of classical music, and his background as a French horn player and tax attorney. He shared:

“I came up with the idea of giving each of our wines a specific personality based on either a piece of music or a composer. Just something that really captured the feeling of what that wine was all about. Only other requirement is that it had to have a lot of great French horn parts in it.”

Bells Up’s Unique Tasting Experience

Dave also explained our approach to wine tasting experiences that he hosts exclusively for one group at a time, saying:

“The whole point that we want to do is to give people a chance to sit down and just get to know us. We want people to feel very comfortable, very homey. And I agree with you. Wine can oftentimes be so high brow and esoteric, and we just want to take that down. Wine is something to be enjoyed and shared, and it’s one of those rare products that just brings people together. So we want people to be able to ask us anything. I tell people, there are no state secrets with what I do. I’ll tell you everything. Ask those questions that you might be afraid to ask in front of a larger group of people, and we’re going to talk to you wherever your level is. I don’t care if you’re brand new to wine, you’ve been having wine your entire life, we will be able to talk your language no matter where you are.”

Popping Bubbles

He also popped and poured a sample of our 2022 Joy Estate Seyval Blanc Brut (pictured above), explaining the rarity of the varietal in the Willamette Valley, its name and the music behind it. Emily noted that Beethoven’s Ode to Joy was actually the intro music the station played immediately prior to introducing the segment. She also asked Dave about how being micro-boutique impacts his winemaking approach. He replied:

“The small scale really allows us to handcraft very specifically each wine. We can really get down to some of the really minute details, which means our quality can only get better and better as time goes on. We really have no interest in growing much beyond where we are. We like the idea that everybody that’s ever bought our wines are people that we have met and we want to continue that. We really focus on more on building relationships with every customer that comes in. And the bigger you get, the further away you have to get from being that personal. So where we are is where we like to be. It’s where our customers like us, so there’s no reason to make any changes.”

Watch the Video

The full video is posted below.

As we’re open year-round, Dave will be hosting tastings throughout the holidays and winter months. To experience the current wine flight in a private tasting exclusively for one group at a time, contact us by phone at 503.537.1328 or email today.

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