Wine Soundtrack’s Allison Levine Interviews Bells Up Winemaker Dave Specter

It was a blast to sit down with Allison Levine earlier in this crazy pandemic year — back in January 2019 to be precise — to talk all things wine. Levine, is owner of Please the Palate, a boutique marketing and events agency for the wine and spirits industry, as well as the host of the Wine Soundtrack USA Podcast, where she interviews winemakers and winery owners as they share their stories, insights, and some humorous anecdotes. She recently posted her interview with Winemaker Dave, entitled “Wines and Music That Match Perfectly.”

Levine frames her interviews from a series of 30 questions that aim to unveil the stories, personalities, and passions of her podcast guests. During her 45-minute chat with Dave, the two talk about his winemaking philosophy, how he was originally introduced to wine, what his favorite winery experiences are, and about his original mentor, Joe Henke of Henke Winery in Cincinnati.

The pair also discuss Bells Up’s take on wine critics and scores, his love of the rock band Rush, and — perhaps most importantly — which wine Dave would serve to space aliens should they land on the property right now (Dave: “Who’s to say they haven’t?”).

The entire recording can be heard below, or at the WineSoundtrack site.


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