Bento for Business features Bells Up and the Willamette Valley as an Unconventional May Getaway Destination

We never know who’s going to recommend or feature us in various media outlets, so we were delighted to have just discovered that Bento for Business, a provider of pre-paid expense cards and a desktop/mobile tracking platform for employees of small and mid-sized businesses, did just that.

In their recent blog targeting the accounting industry (in which winemaker Dave—a former corporate tax attorney for a Big 4 accounting firm—used to work), “8 Unconventional May Getaways To Help You Recharge,” they featured us and the Willamette Valley as a great destination for an escape. Particularly for those just emerging from the tax season, including accountants, bookkeepers and CPAs.

Writes author Shuyi Shang: “March and April suck. How do I know? Tax season. I work with accountants and CPAs every day, and recently you guys have just been…MIA. But hey! It’s finally, officially over, and I have great news. May is maybe the best time of year to travel in the US, especially if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday (and I bet you are). It’s post-spring break and pre-summer vacation. Crowds are light and lots of spots are offering deals to drum up business.”

And about us and the beautiful part of the country we call home?

She notes that the region is great for outdoor lovers, wine enthusiasts and people who hurl themselves down snowy mountainsides on skinny, thin boards otherwise known as skis: “Yes, the ski season is still going on in May here—at some resorts, at least. And if you’d rather just say nope to the slopes, consider the micro-boutique winery scene, which is not a thing I ever thought I’d write. But really: it’s cool. One more thing to love: at Bells Up Winery, one of the owners is a burnt-out tax attorney, so he will totally feel your pain.

Thanks Bento for Business. We appreciate the Thumbs Up for Bells Up.

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