Satiate’s Tamara Belgard encourages readers to savor a #bellsupmoment during Memorial Day 2016


Bells Up winemaker Dave Specter with Satiate wine blogger extraordinaire Tamara Belgard at the Bells Up Winery estate vineyard in spring 2016.

Wine, lifestyle and travel blogger Tamara Belgard—who publishes prolifically on her new site Satiate, and detailed her adventures in (mostly) Oregon wines on her previous blog Sip With Me—recently came back to check on our progress at Bells Up Winery.

She discovered us in early 2013 and has kept in touch, periodically dropping in to sample wine both in barrel and bottle, and occasionally filing a feature story.

This year, in advance of our five days of Memorial Day Open House hours that celebrate our First Anniversary (including May 21 with tasty small bites from Ember and Vine), she posted this amazing article: “This Memorial Day Weekend, Have Your #BellsUpMoment.”

We are so humbled by Tamara’s kind words, and the photo she picked truly captures just how “Un-Domaine” we are around here. But here’s the part that got the Marketing Department right in the heart…

Think of each bottle as an orchestra, where each flavor component plays aside the others. The fruit is the percussion, providing the backbone, the heartbeat of the wine. The floral notes are the woodwinds, offering resonance and vibration, like a soft hum of violets. The tannins are the strings section, humming along with consistency and providing an interesting rhythm to the wine. The spice notes are like the brass, playing long and strong, sending loud sounds in all directions, differentiating the harmony with the range of notes. Like a wine, every instrument, every flavor, plays its part coming together to create a score that can as easily uplift your weary spirit as it can move you to tears. Yeah, Dave makes wine like that.

Want to sample our classic Oregon wines? Come see us over the next two weekends during our Memorial Day Open House hours. Or, call to make an appointment: 503-537-1328.


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