The Pink Grape’s Anthony Metzger Interviews Winemaker Dave for Video Podcast

Anthony Metzger, The Pink Grape

Winemaker and podcaster Anthony Metzger produces video interviews of winemakers from around the world on his YouTube Channel, The Pink Grape. His purpose is to have fun, be entertained, discover new wines, and meet great people. So, when he reached out to ask if Dave would spend a few minutes doing an interview, of course we said yes.

Metzger asks Dave about our story, current production, and the type of wines we make in Oregon.

He also asked Dave what makes a small winery different from one producing hundreds of thousands of cases. Dave’s answer?

Probably the number one biggest challenge we run into is how do people know we exist? Because for us, as you said, we do not not distribute at all. We direct ship everything we do. We’ve got customers and club members all over the country, but that is the only model we’re gonna have. And so, you know, the question is, especially now when, when we started production in Oregon, there were probably about 500 wineries in the Willamette Valley, give or take. There’s now up to 750.

So as customers come in, one of the first questions that we always ask them is, how do you find us? Because we’ve had a lot of nice people write a lot of nice things about us. We’ve had a lot of really nice reviews put out there. When you come here, you call us, email us, you’re gonna be talking to one of two people, or maybe both people depending on, on who’s there. But that’s the thing. We get the opportunity to build and established relationships with everybody that comes in.

He also asks Dave what his favorite part of being a winemaker is? Dave says:

Without question. It, it’s getting to share what we do… Really being able to kind of share your process and then also the art part of it. You know, I mean, you always hear that wine is an art and a science, and you need both of them. So, you know, we can kind of talk about both in a way that can really connect people to what it is that we’re trying to accomplish. So just being able to tell our stories and the story of, you know, not just the winery, but each individual wine. And, and what that intention is, for us, really the payoff.

Watch the full interview below…

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