“They Did Build That” Book on Entrepreneurs Features Bells Up Winery Owners Dave & Sara Specter

They threw the book at us. Well, at least Atlanta-based author Kevin J. Fay did.

When Kevin visited us last summer for a wine tasting, we shared our back-story (as we usually do). Evidently we made quite an impression because a couple of weeks later, he emailed to ask if we’d be willing to let him feature us in the book he was writing, “They DID Build That: You CAN Have The American Dream.”

Sure, we said. Because honestly, why not?

So when Kevin sent us the finished copy a few weeks ago, we were thrilled for him. After all, it takes a ton of effort to nurture and write a book, not to mention a serious amount of chutzpah. Apparently Kevin recognized that quality in us too.

Here’s how he summarizes the motivational content:

You can’t build your own business? Don’t let anyone ever tell you that. The people in this book are just normal people like you and me. Building your own business is not going to be easy. And it probably won’t happen overnight. But don’t let fear stop you. If you have an idea, a skill or a passion, GO FOR IT! Life is short. Your American Dream is waiting for you!

Want your own copy? We have a few on hand in the winery, or you can order online at Amazon.com.

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